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Our team utilizes established development techniques and advanced technologies in our operation process to craft strategic and thoroughly tested solutions. 

The software we develop serves thousands of users on a daily basis, with our clientele spanning worldwide. This stands testament to our capability of skillfully managing substantial and critical projects. 

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Adherence to responsive design structures underscores our web development approach. The creation of streamlined, contemporary web pages and applications is a specialty of ours. Integration with third-party services is conducted when advantageous. 

Mobile apps

We employ Flutter in our development protocol, which facilitates the production of hybrid applications. By using this methodology, we expediently target both iOS and Android operating systems by means of a unified codebase.

This efficient process is advantageous to our clients, as it optimizes time management and conserves financial resources. 

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We have long-term experience with Voog CMS and are their official partners. Starting from easier website to more complicated e-shops, Voog is the right choice.

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Joomla! is a open source platform which we have experience in for over 10 years. We know the ins and outs of the soul of the platform. We participate in Joomla!'s development and translation into Estonian.

We develop components, add-ons (plugins), modules, templates.

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